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Therapy Process and Scheduling 


Contact Us Via Form, Phone, or Email

You can use our contact form on this site or email us at to set up a free consultation.


Complete Free Consultation

Our free 15-20 minute consultation is designed to identify your goals and see how we can support them. We also use the consultation to verfiy insurance benefits, review costs, and answer any questions you may have about the therapy experience.


Sign Up for your Appointment

After the consultation, we will send you a link to our patient portal as well as scheudling information or you can find our schedule on,,, or


Follow Up Visits

We schedule follow up visits at the end of each session in case you need flexiblity. If consistency is your thing, we can also book weekly appointments on a speficific day and time of your preference.


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Therapy Session

Individual Therapy Sessions

Traditional one on one sessions with a provider. From session one forward, the focus is on your and your goals as well as building a relationship with your therapist.

Support Group


We offer ADHD coaching focused on improving executive functioning, time management, and solution focused problem solving for individuals with ADHD.

Law Consultation


We offer consultation to researchers conducting clinical trials who have concerns about subject/participant engagement and health mental during study participation.  We also offer consutlation on study design for researchers desiring to include psychological and psychosocial variables or outcomes as part of their studies.

Psychotherapy, Coaching, and Consultation 

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